#vernonfrancois Bedtime routine‼️ pin curling your #curlyhair via #hannahbronfman

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#vernonfrancois Bedtime routine‼️ pin curling your #curlyhair via #hannahbronfman
WHATS YOUR BEDTIME ROUTINE? Send me a “Video” in my DMs. Who’s will I be reposting 🤷🏽‍♂️🙊🤓😀 #Repost @hannahbronfman
Okay people here is a little breakdown of what I do with my hair after washing it and letting it air dry!!! I am taking medium size sections on my hair and twisting hem in the direction on my curl. kinda like a doughnut... and then I pin it - I use whatever Bobby pin I have (I seem to lose them all and literally search through empty purses to find a few) after I finish all sections i sleepy on my silk pillow case but if I’m traveling I bring a silk bonnet from @Vernonfrancois and sleep in that. Right now I’m rotating through a ton of curly hair products trying to see what is giving me my best curly life which I included in tonight’s newsletter!

What are you using?!? Tell me all!!