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#vernonfrancois Less is more. China bumps Bantu knots always save the day especially when growing your hair out. This Style is simple and effective and can be worn anytime anywhere. It’s all about your sectioning.

1. Apply my PURE~FRO moisture spray. Work it in with your fingers to ensure even distribution.

2. Tie the hair up in small sections around the face. Use a comb to section off a 1-inch square of hair at a time. Use a holding wax and your fingers to slick the section, and then use an elastic band to secure the hair. After you've wrapped the band around the section a few times, partially pull the hair through, leaving it in a looped formation to create a bun.

3. Repeat step two, from ear to ear, until you've sectioned off all of the hair around your face. Leave the back half of your hair untouched for the moment.

4. Apply more PURE~FRO moisture spray to the back section. Use your fingers or a comb to work the product into your hair.

5. Blow dry the roots. Set your hair dryer on a mild temperature. Then, blow dry the back section while gently grabbing and pulling your curls with your fingers to elongate and shape your style.

6. Lay your edges. Use a clean toothbrush or small bristle brush and edge control to smooth the hairs around your hairline. Shop: VERNONFRANÇOIS.COM to get your #afro looking 🔥

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