#vernonfrancois Part 2

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#vernonfrancois Part 2: It was Mum, wasn’t it, who said that you must be to blame, when I was struggling with my homework one time. By then I had almost finished school. I remember then having a writing test, my words were beautifully neat, but letters like d’s and p’s were backwards. After that, there was no formal support. Do you remember my youngest brother, he must have been about five, very sarcastically spelling out the word ‘bread’ to me at a family gathering and everyone laughing at me? I must have been sixteen but I had never felt so small. That moment still upsets me when I think of it now; but it was the turning point, where I knew that I was on my own in figuring out how to cope with you. I know that you are a hidden disability, everyone touched by you has a different experience, and you majorly affect my world. I am very dyslexic. #Dyslexia #dyslexiaawareness #vernonfrancois