#vernonfrancois Real talk

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#vernonfrancois Real talk.
Whilst I’m incredibly passionate about the products themselves, I realise the importance of me taking centre stage to be a lightening rod for education and inspiration for all those with coils, kinks, waves, and curls.
It is my life’s mission to do this; to push boundaries, to speak up, to educate and to challenge beauty industry norms.
I know that in order to do this, we must have the right people around the table with us who share this vision and share the passion for a community who have been left feeling that their hair isn’t beautiful. Our job is to ensure that every time they leave their house they feel incredible and we do this through education (to them directly and importantly to the media) and through serving them with the best product practices. I have to be an agent for change not because I want to be in the spot light, but because I don’t see anyone else out there like me doing it.
There’s a hill to climb and I really do hope that it’s a dream that we all can realise together. I really do care. My focus isn’t ‘celebrity’ but more education and honesty and I guess, vulnerability to show that if I’ve done it, then anything is possible for anyone. ❤️