#vernonfrancois ABOUT LAST NIGHT❤️

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#vernonfrancois ABOUT LAST NIGHT❤️ #Repost @melaniebromley
A quick story about coincidence. Five months ago I was at a small party and Solange ended up being the surprise musical guest. Half way through her set a man came up to me, introduced himself and told me twenty years ago he used to work at my local London hairdressers. He said he remembered me and I absolutely recognized him as well. I asked why he was at the small LA gathering (half a world away) and he explained he's now Solange's hairdresser. Such a small world and a testament to what you can achieve with crazy talent, ambition and a lorry load of hard work. Telling you this story because Solange was absolutely incredible on stage tonight. (Cc: @vernonfrancois, @kangstar4u)