#vernonfrancois Fun and easy for the weekend

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#vernonfrancois Fun and easy for the weekend. #allhairtypes

1. Detangle. Using your fingers to do so before resorting to a comb; that way there's less chance of breakage or pulling on the hair.

2. Apply moisture spray. Starting from the back and moving toward the front, spray the product on the length of your hair and use a wide tooth comb or brush, like the Olivia Garden iDetangle Brush, to distribute the formula evenly.

3. Finger twist. Working in consistent 1-inch sections (use diagonal sections around your face instead of square for a softer-looking finish), use your finger to twirl and twist the hair from roots to ends. Continue until all your hair has been twisted.

4. Diffuse or air dry. Use a diffuser if you're short on time. The best way to dry your hair is it let it air dry and gently scrunch. Then, use the palm of your hand as a base (to hold the hair) and your fingers to scrunch.

5. Pull the top half into a top knot. Section off the top half of your hair and use an elastic to tie it off. Loosely wrap the tail around the base of the pony and pin it into place to create the bun.

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