#vernonfrancois 🚫Retouching issue

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#vernonfrancois 🚫Retouching issue. New beauty story for @darling featuring the 5 wonderful hair textures that be #kinkyhair #wavy #coilyhair #straighthair #curlyhair By me #vernonfrancois #coilyhair ❤️ The strands of hair make a shape like tightly coiled springs. e outer layer, which is called the cuticle, is quite thin on this hair type, so hair may break easily. Covering hair with a silk cap at night time will keep moisture in the strands where it’s needed, and stop it tangling. Coily hair is very versatile, which I love. Adding a parting in line with the highest point of one eyebrow arch and pinning a section of hair behind one ear can be dramatic.
01 Vernon François Pure-Fro spray-on, rinse-out conditioner has Kalarahi melon oil for moisture and keratin which is essential for strength.
02 Aveda Brilliant Anti-humectant Pomade is especially good for my clients who are under hot stage lights.
03 Paul Mitchell Freeze and Shine Spray to finish. | Shot by @ben_cope |MakeUp @sarahuslan | Art Dept by @nativesilver | Thank you @rebekahshannon ❤️ & @artistsco @boldpr