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Lupita Nyongs Hairstylist Created a Revolutionary
#Curly Hair Line By @ashley.weatherford Industry on the brink of a seismic shift? Its a thought I've been mulling over lately when not one, not two, but three different women with full, bouncy curls you'd consider stealing told me they avoided heavy oils. For them, coconut oil is a four-letter word. Shea butter is verboten. Jojoba? Please. It was
during this period that I was also introduced to Vernon François inaugural hair-
care line, which is full of lightweight spray conditionersthat you rinse off in the
shower. Heavy conditioners are at deaths door, I say. First, some context. François is a bit of a natural-hair-care wunderkind. The U.K. native recalls working on his first head of natural hair at 8 years old, and in the years since, has called Lupita Nyong'o, Kerry Washington, and Uzo Aduba his clients. His eponymous line, launched this month, was designed with textured hair in mind think wavy, curly, and super-coily. There's a Dazzling Spritz Shine Spray that is essentially a highlighter for hair. Swirls of mica are suspended in the bronze formula that glimmer delicately when misted. There are shampoos and moisturizers in the line as well, but the spray conditioners eclipse them all in
creativity and utility. Vernon François carries three conditioners that are targeted to treat damaged, coily, and loose curly hair. For the most part, the formulas are virtually identical, save fora few variations that are said to address specific needs (the damaged conditioner includes proteins to help strengthen strands, for example). My curls sit somewhere in between curly and coily, but I settled on testing the Curl Command conditioner, which is recommended for curly hair.