#vernonfrancois THIS IS INCREDIBLE

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#vernonfrancois THIS IS INCREDIBLE. #Repost @natgeo
Photo by: @renaeffendiphoto Excavations from the commoners cemetery of the ancient city built by Akhenaten, 18th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh (1300s BC) revealed that people were buried on the desert floor, where few markers or grave goods have been found. Elaborate braids on a skull reflected the care that residents took with their appearance, despite difficult conditions. Near the city of Minya, modern Egyptians still honor their dead by building permanent structures—such as a cemetery of domed roofs and limestone walls. At the ancient site of Amarna, the elite prepared elaborate tombs that were carved high into the cliffs east of the city. #antiquity #ancient #egypt #artefacts #legacy #history #braids // For more human interest stories please follow: @renaeffendiphoto @natgeocreative @thephotosociety